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Sister Jenny developed  JEN-TIL® Sister Jenny’s® Multi-Purpose Cream, Joints & Muscle Cream and Sister Jenny’s® Baby Cream which  are natural products and they contain 100% pure essential oils, plant extracts and vegetable oils.

Our products are cruelty free. They do not contain animal products, synthetic colouring or synthetic perfumes.

JEN-TIL TOUCH® cc is a company that has been in operation since 1992. We manufacture and sell a range of tried and trusted creams that have therapeutic and cosmetic properties. The creams were formulated by Sister Jenny 18 years ago after two and a half years of intense research. They are very unusual due to the unique method of manufacture. Sister Jenny's® Jen-Til® Creams have been tested on patients in hospitals and Sister Jenny's® Multi-Purpose Cream has been found to heal even severe septic wounds and bedsores and yet is gentle enough to use on the face as a daily moisturiser. People are amazed at these unusual products.

Sister Jenny's JEN-TIL® Creams have been approved of by various Medical aids in South Africa.They have been tested for skin irritation at MEDUNSA. Medical University of South Africa.