Not eczema but her doctor says its something like that

Good Morning Sister Jenny


I would love to take this opportunity and send out my greatest gratitude to you for inventing your products. I called you on the 23/09/2008 as I have been having problems with my baby's skin. I explained that she has very sensitive skin, I have to use non fragrance products on her. I received a pamphlet of yours and after reading testimonies I decided to give it a try. At this stage Cailegh also developed a temperature as a result of her skin reacting that way. She usually gets this type of skin ending winter and beginning Spring, it is not eczema but her doctor says its something like that, her skin is all dried out and it even looks sunburned and it ends up bruising on her face , the back of her arms and thighs as well. I bought a bottle of the Jen-Til Baby Massage Cream, I started using it on the 25/09/2008, and she had a very high temp on that same day. I put her in cool water, to drop her temp and massaged her with this cream and mind you she gave me a sleepless night the night before, whilst massaging her, she actually fell off to sleep and was very peaceful after her massage with the cream, and by the Sunday the 28/09/2008, all the dry skin and bruised skin all disappeared and she was back to her normal self.


I would gladly recommend this to anyone with babies, whether your baby has a good skin or irritable skin, use it, it is well worth it and I wish that Sister Jenny will start making body washes for babies using the same type of ingredients. God Bless you in abundance and I thank the Lord for using you and for giving you the wisdom to invent this cream.


Warm Wishes





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