Baby has a form of eczema on his legs

Dear Sister Jenny


We bought a tub of each of these creams at Pick ‘n Pay Princess Crossing.  My 15 month old baby has a form of eczema on his legs and cheeks in the winter, where he gets terribly dry patches.  After only ONE application of the baby massage cream, there was a HUGE difference.  I have been using it for a week now and the results are absolutely astounding.  As a mother of two, I would highly recommend the baby massage cream to any mom, whether your baby has a skin condition or not!


My husband is a tradesman in the steel industry and as a result always has dry, rough hands.  He has been using the multi-purpose cream and cannot believe the difference.


Thanks you for this wonderful product, which we will keep on buying!


Kindest Regards

Cindy Braun

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