Medical Doctor who has been using our products since 1994

Dear Sister Jenny,greetings to you.

I just wanted to let you know the Jen-Til creams which I started using personally and for my patients since 1994/95 is excellent.

The Multi-Purpose cream has been a wonder cream for all sorts of ailments, from small burns in the kitchen to injuries, contusion, muscular pain, headaches and body aches and insect bites. My daughter who is a dance artist always keeps one with her and uses it frequently for muscular pains and bruises or cramps. My patients have been very happy with this cream.

Also I have been happy with the Joint and Muscle cream. It really works. Some of my arthritic patients use this and so do I.

The Baby cream has been very handy for some mothers for nappy rash and as body moisturiser and also eczema.

I thank you for introducing me to this cream as I personally always use it.

I wish you success.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Dr. J. Naran.

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  • Hilde - September 24, 2012 08:04 AM
    Hilde - February 28, 2012 07:17 AM

    Eversince my moo and I heard about Sister Jenny's Multi-purpose cream a few years ago on 567 Cape Talk,we have been using it religiously and recommending it to everyone as is the Only product on the market that works and shows immediate results.It works for absolutely everything from headches and sinus problems(without using pills that makes you drowsy and sky high) bruises(it not only makes the colour disappear,but also relieves the pain immediatly!),burns,mozzie bites,dry skin(I mix a little with my daily moisturizer),ANY itch or ache under the sun!!I always have it with me in my handbag and since it contains no irrtants or chemicals, I didn't hesitate when I applied it on my dachshund's rash that subsided in leSs than an hour after application! About two yrs ago I also started using the Joints & Muscle cream as I spend a great amount of time on my feet,bending over a canvas while working and gradually suffered from severe back and neck aches and burning swollen feet.this cream works immediatly on muscle cramps(woke up from sore neck yesterday and was pain-free in under 10min)and,unlike harsh chemical smells from other 'muscle ointments,it has a soothing herbal fragrance that is calming.I have also recommended this product to a neighbour's domestic worker who suffers from arthritis -related pains and stiff joints and also suggested to friends to use this as a post-workout remedy for aching and tired muscles and it brings in
    stant pain-relief!! The only pain in the neck that I seem to be having lately is that there are a few Clicks branches in the Western Cape,such as Worcester where my mom lives that do not stock your products and we are desperate to find it.Are there perhaps other stores/pharms that stock your product as well?please, cannot imagine our lives without it!!!XxThank you for all the healing throughout the years!xhilde

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