I heard a Talk Radio 702 show

Dear Sister Jenny 

I am writing to you to tell you my story.  About 30 years ago I slipped my U5 disc and as I got older I found that every morning my neck ached badly and in spite of trying countless pillows to no effect I resorted to taking one generic of Syndol which took the ache away within an hour.  It wasn’t until I heard a Talk Radio 702 show with Aki Anastasiou dealing with whip lash injuries that I realized that the ache in my neck was actually caused by a motor accident I had 12 years ago.  Apparently whip lash injuries are more than often (if untreated at the time) never go away. During the discussion a lady called in and unconditionally recommended your Joints cream saying that it appeared to only be available at PnP Hypermarkets.  We rushed off and bought some, I had only tried it for 3 days and told a male friend about it, obviously I could not recommend it at that early stage, he had an arm injury that had been troubling him for many years and unable to straighten his arm completely.  It is 3 months now since using the cream – and wonder of wonders I no longer have any morning neck pain at all, it is the same story for our friend, actually neither of us need to use it any more as both of us have found the cream to be totally effective.  In addition, our friend’s mother (aged 92) was here from Scotland for 2 weeks, she used the cream on her ‘curled’ hands and almost immediately felt the benefit, to the point that her hands were almost straight when she left.  Needless to say some of your tubs of cream are now in Scotland.

I just wanted to you to know, that even though we have no present use for the cream – good news, bad news!, We shall be ambassadors for your cream whenever the opportunity arises.

Heartfelt thanks,

Jill Dimmer

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