Two brown spots I have on my left hand

Dear Sister Jenny,

You were doing a promotion at Northgate Shopping Centre a few months back and you introduced me to Jen-Til Cream for dry skin. I use other creams on the market for my skin after a bath or shower, but your cream I used on my hands.  Each night before going to bed I would rub it into my hands.  Especially on two brown spots I have on my left hand.  These two spots are close together. I was having trouble with one spot as it had become very sensitive to touch and also during the day I could feel something was not right there.  I concentrated on this spot at night time and massaged the cream into it.

Well today I can tell you it has completely healed.  It is still slightly pink but there is no tenderness there at all.  I will continue to massage it with JEN-TIL CREAM at night to see what happens. 

Wish you well with your product.   

God Bless. 

June Bishop

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  • petronella - July 27, 2013 23:26 PM
    i have silver stripes so wich one i
    cn use please help
  • Sister Jenny - July 27, 2013 23:35 PM
    For silver stripes Sister Jenny's Baby Cream,the blue one make a difference to the appearance .
  • - November 28, 2015 19:58 PM

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