She has almost no trace of chickenpox scars

Dear Sister Jenny

I got to know about your "miracle cream" in October 2007, by chance one day when I walked in to Checkers Hyper in Parow, Cape Town.  As I entered the store, you walked up to me, introduced yourself as "...Sr. Jenny", followed by an introduction to your "miracle cream".  I must admit, I wasn't impressed at first and I walked away after you had applied the cream to my forearm.  It felt good, but I left it at that.


A month later, my 4 year old daughter contracted chickenpox and as a pediatric nurse my first thought was "Calamine lotion", which I bought and applied to my daughter's body.  She cried bitterly and complained of pain and itchiness.  As a mother, this was too much for me to bear and I could not tolerate her suffering. Somehow, I remembered your "miracle cream" and I drove 25km from where I live (Southern Suburbs) to Checkers Hyper in Parow (Northern Suburbs) and bought 3 pots of the Jen-til BABY cream.  At that stage I wasn't even sure if the cream was going to work or not, but the fact that it was a natural product kept me going.

I must add that, to apply any other, unknown cream such as yours would be considered as "unconventional treatment" for chickenpox in pediatric medicine and has no scientific evidence base.  Well, I was going to take the chance.  With the 3 pots of cream in my hand, I rushed home, bathed my daughter - who at that stage was besides herself with discomfort from the pruritis - and I applied the "miracle cream".

My daughter had a peaceful night's sleep with no complaints of itching or any other discomfort related to the chickenpox. In fact, she has been sleeping through every night ever since, because she used to wake up in the middle of the night and walk to my bedroom.  

Since then, I have only been using your cream on her body and she has almost no trace of chickenpox scars.  I have been telling all my friends and colleagues about your "miracle cream" and the fact that it contains natural oils makes it particularly safe to use. 

I suggest you add chickenpox to your list, because after just 4 days of use, my daughter was able to participate in a photo shoot at her school for which she was selected two weeks prior to contracting the chickenpox. There was no obvious trace of chickenpox reflected on the photo, which was published in a prominent children's magazine in February. 

I salute you for developing this special cream that can bring healing and comfort to many.  Well done!!! 

Tania de Villiers

Cape Town

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