• Medical Doctor who has been using our products since 1994 January 4, 2012

    Dear Sister Jenny,greetings to you.

    I just wanted to let you know the Jen-Til creams which I started using personally and for my patients since 1994/95 is excellent.

    The Multi-Purpose cream has been a wonder cream for all sorts of ailments, from small burns in the kitchen to injuries, contusion, muscular pain, headaches and body aches and insect bites. My daughter who is a dance artist always keeps one with her and uses it frequently for muscular pains and bruises or cramps. My patients have been very happy with this cream.

    Also I have been happy with the Joint and Muscle cream. It really works. Some of my arthritic patients use this and so do I.

    The Baby cream has been very handy for some mothers for nappy rash and as body moisturiser and also eczema.

    I thank you for introducing me to this cream as I personally always use it.

    I wish you success.

    Thanking you.

    Yours truly,

    Dr. J. Naran.

  • The pain in her legs is also much better January 4, 2012

    Dear Sister Jenny

    My mother has been struggling with painful legs for very long.

    Last year she landed in hospital for 3 weeks and we were worried that she might lose her leg.

    Afterwards she was still suffering a lot of pain.

    About 3 months ago I was walking in the Hyperama in Menlyn and a lady asked if she could massage my shoulders with your multi purpose cream.  While she was doing so she informed me of all the ailments that this cream would help to relieve.  She even called you from her cell phone and I asked you which cream you think would be best for my mom.

    I promised that I would give you feedback.

    I bought the one with the purple lid (multi purpose massage cream).  My mother says that it is the first time in months that she does not have constant pain.  She might still get a shooting pain from time to time (especially at night) but she says there is a vast difference.  She even took it to her docter and told him that your cream did what none of his or the specialists' medicines could do.

    She is telling all her friends about it.  I told one of my friends, who bought a jar for her aunt, and she informed me this morning that her aunt now also swears by it.  The pain in her legs is also much better.

    I use the red one, for joints, on my own wrists that ache from time to time and I can feel a difference.

    I now promote your products everywhere I go.


    Sylvia van der Neut

  • I had bad hands due to chilblains January 4, 2012

    Sister Jenny, you were my life saver. I had bad hands due to chilblains, they itched like crazy, the skin was red and purple blood would ooze out of the cracks. When I had my hands in water they would pain and have a dark colour. I was ashamed to show my hands. I tried all types of creams and pills the chemist, doctor gave me, which never helped. Sister Jenny, the Jen-Til Multi-purpose cream did the wonderful healing to my hands, fingers no longer purple and all the cracks are all gone. My hands are back to normal


    THANKS TO JEN-TIL I thank you ever so much


    Esme Human

  • Dry & cracking skin on her fingers and hands January 4, 2012

    Hi Guys,


    My wife Yvonne has just started using the Multi-Purpose massage cream, for dry & cracking skin on her fingers, after using a myriad of other treatments.


    She uses the cream during the day as a lotion, but applies it liberally at night before bed & wears thin plastic tissue gloves to cover the cream whilst sleeping.


    After only 5 days she has seen a definite improvement in the condition of the cracks and the skin is no longer dry but once again becoming soft, smooth & flexible.


    Her only problem is the tub that the cream is sold in is a little large for her hand bag and she would like to know if it is available in a tube that could be carried easier in her bag.  


    Thanks & regards,


    Melvyn & Yvonne Frost


    Cape Town

  • Two brown spots I have on my left hand January 4, 2012

    Dear Sister Jenny,

    You were doing a promotion at Northgate Shopping Centre a few months back and you introduced me to Jen-Til Cream for dry skin. I use other creams on the market for my skin after a bath or shower, but your cream I used on my hands.  Each night before going to bed I would rub it into my hands.  Especially on two brown spots I have on my left hand.  These two spots are close together. I was having trouble with one spot as it had become very sensitive to touch and also during the day I could feel something was not right there.  I concentrated on this spot at night time and massaged the cream into it.

    Well today I can tell you it has completely healed.  It is still slightly pink but there is no tenderness there at all.  I will continue to massage it with JEN-TIL CREAM at night to see what happens. 

    Wish you well with your product.   

    God Bless. 

    June Bishop

  • I suffer from Neuropathy January 4, 2012

    Dear Sister Jenny


    I was lucky enough to be given Jen-Til by a friend.  I suffer from neuropathy.  My hands always ach from my condition.  I apply Jen-Til often throughout my day and it provides relief right after I put it on.  Thank you for creating such a cream!




    Joel Goldman

    Palm Springs, CA 


  • I am an avid sailor January 4, 2012

    Hi Sister Jenny

    Jen-Til is really amazing! I am an avid sailor and am always suffering bruises, wetsuit rashes and bangs. I have tried many products in the past, but have never found one that is as effective in treating bruises, strains, scar tissue, wound, insect bites, dry skin, pimples – you name it! Jen-Til really is superbly effective. What really amazed me is how fast it got rid of a haematoma from a bad bang that just was not going away at all – until I used Jen-Til

    I highly recommend this product!

    Best wishes,


  • I can be without face cream, body cream, but never ever Sister Jen-Til……… January 4, 2012

    Dear Sister Jenny,

    After a year your cream has become a brand of choice in my house. 

    The 1st day after receiving a free shoulder massage at the ACSA Disability EXPO in 2010, I was hooked.  Sitting for long hours in a wheelchair can really work in ones shoulders, so come night time, my shoulders get rubbed firstly with the multipurpose cream, then with the joint and muscle cream.  The multipurpose cream can even be used by slightly rubbing some over the nose bridge, to open a blocked nose due to hay fever.


    When my brother complained about the ugly scar on his forehead after a car accident, I suggested that he use the multipurpose cream, lo and behold, it helped.  Today only a hairline thin mark reminds him about the scar.

    I can be without face cream, body cream, but never ever Sister Jen-Til………



  • Finest Skin cream I ever used January 4, 2012

    Last year I visited the Johannesburg area and purchased a small jar of Jen-til Multi-purpose massage cream from a young lady in a drug store. It is without a doubt the finest skin cream I have ever used. I could do a commercial about this stuff. I am 62 years old and my hands are completely healed and soft for the first time in 30 years! Is it sold anywhere in the USA? If not, how can I order 12 jars or more directly from you? I already know the shipping will be expensive.

    Thanks in advance.

    Carol Stouffer

  • Rash under breasts January 4, 2012

    I was given a little drop of this cream to try on a rash I have under my breasts.  It worked wonderfully.

    Could you please let me know where in Cape Town I can purchase this cream or how do I go about getting some.

    Please answer this e-mail as I am desperate.

    Thanks & Regards