Sister Jenny's Joint & Muscle Cream


  • Multipurpose massage cream for my son who is autistic

    Sister Jenny,

    I  am a medical doctor with 21 years of experience. I suffer from joint pains and was using painkillers fo a  long time. Since I have started to use  sister Jenny's joint and muscle cream  my joint pains  have disappeared. This cream is extremely effective  and it worked for me.

    Furthermore  I used the multipurpose massage cream for my son  who is autistic.He  looks much calm after the massage. Now even when he gets a flu or  hurts his body  he goes and brings the  multipurpose massage cream to me and expects  me to  apply it on him. It works well for my child. I recommended the cream to my friends  including a group of medical doctors,based on the evidence I got from my personal usage.Those  who purchased and used the creams were really   satisfied.I can recommend this cream unconditionally for all the indications -arthritis, mucle pain, body ache.

    Thank you sister Jenny for the excellent cream .I hope many  people will benefit from its effect.

    Dr G Narayan


  • Walk without pain

    We have recently started to use your cream.  My husband uses the joint cream as he can normally not use his knees (stand up, walk) and he' sonly 40.  Your cream enables him to WALK without pain. Please let me know where i can order more.  Also i'd like to order the multipurpose as well.  Can you let me know where and costs?  Do you sell it at retail shops?

    Kind regards        
    Cathy Erlank    

  • Diabetic has got problems with feet

    Dear sister Jenny                  

    I spoke to you a few days ago at steeldale pick n pay hypermarket.

    My brother had a severe stroke last year, He then went for therapy he can not talk proper like us  he could not move his leg his right hand is always close but then i bought your joint and muscle cream he can now keep his leg up for a very long time his hand is also improving

    i just want to thank you from my heart.

    As for myself am a diabetic has got problems with my feet i could not sleep at night then one of your ladies told me to use the multi purpose massage cream it realy works like magic.

    My feet are no more aching.

    Regards Debbie

  • I found one that actually DOES work!

    Dear Sister Jenny,

    I strongly believe in giving credit where credit is due and giving praise when it is deserved and the Jen-til Joints Special Cream really does deserve a round of applause as far as I'm concerned. There are so many creams and potions on the market and many of them do not do what is claimed they can, so you will pardon my sarcasm when I say I had to drop you a line when I found one that actually DOES work!

    I play guitar and need the fingers of my left hand especially, to be flexible. From time to time the index finger on my left hand becomes stiff and too painful to bend. The pain occurs on the upper side of the finger, between the nail and the knuckle. A while ago I saw this jar of Jen-til Joints Special Cream in the cupboard and in desperation, decided to try it. I started treatment that night and repeated twice the next day. I am happy to say that within two days I could close my fist completely now with only an inkling of pain, where I could hardly bend my index finger the day before. Whether or not it is due to the cream I am not sure, but I have not had that pain since, and it has been nearly 3 years!

    More recently I developed tennis elbow from trimming trees and shrubs in the garden. I rubbed the cream over the affected areas and next day the pain was gone. I would recommend the Jen-til Joints Special Cream to anyone because it certainly works for me.

    Kind regards,

    Roedie Plekker

  • I heard a Talk Radio 702 show

    Dear Sister Jenny 

    I am writing to you to tell you my story.  About 30 years ago I slipped my U5 disc and as I got older I found that every morning my neck ached badly and in spite of trying countless pillows to no effect I resorted to taking one generic of Syndol which took the ache away within an hour.  It wasn’t until I heard a Talk Radio 702 show with Aki Anastasiou dealing with whip lash injuries that I realized that the ache in my neck was actually caused by a motor accident I had 12 years ago.  Apparently whip lash injuries are more than often (if untreated at the time) never go away. During the discussion a lady called in and unconditionally recommended your Joints cream saying that it appeared to only be available at PnP Hypermarkets.  We rushed off and bought some, I had only tried it for 3 days and told a male friend about it, obviously I could not recommend it at that early stage, he had an arm injury that had been troubling him for many years and unable to straighten his arm completely.  It is 3 months now since using the cream – and wonder of wonders I no longer have any morning neck pain at all, it is the same story for our friend, actually neither of us need to use it any more as both of us have found the cream to be totally effective.  In addition, our friend’s mother (aged 92) was here from Scotland for 2 weeks, she used the cream on her ‘curled’ hands and almost immediately felt the benefit, to the point that her hands were almost straight when she left.  Needless to say some of your tubs of cream are now in Scotland.

    I just wanted to you to know, that even though we have no present use for the cream – good news, bad news!, We shall be ambassadors for your cream whenever the opportunity arises.

    Heartfelt thanks,

    Jill Dimmer