Users or Target Market


These  products do not claim to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. These products are complementary herbal product, and is there to assist and not to replace a medical doctor.

These product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Mothers -  face cream, hand cream, foot cream , sports bags, burns, face moisturizer, massage, first aid -use Multi-Purpose

First aid for family – wounds ,cuts, burns, acute sports injuries, mosquito and insect bites, Stings,- use Multi-Purpose

Teens – skin repair, pimples, tension, After Disco, face cream,- use Multi-Purpose

Babies  - colic, cradle cap, eczema, calming, nappy rash, aids sleep,- use Baby

Children - face,moisturizing, calming,  use Baby  first aid,- use Multi-Purpose  ,

growing pains- use Joints and Muscles

Elderly, and middle Aged - joint pains , arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, aged, leg cramps,sore shoulders - use Joints and Muscles  dry skin, poor circulation-use Multi- Purpose

Dads - neck and shoulder tension, use first  Multi -Purpose then Joints and Muscles non greasy moisturizer, shaving, after shave, face cream. razor rash, use Multi-Purpose

Summer – sunburn, - use Multi -Purpose 

Winter –chilblains- use Multi-Purpose


Health Professionals and Hospitals


Physiotherapists – MASSAGE, REHABILITATION Multi -Purpose  and Joints and Muscles

Podiatrists - DIABETICS, CRACKED HEELS, DRY FEET, corns, calluses, athletes foot.  use  Multi-Purpose 




Nurses - LEG circulation, Allergies, Hands that scrub, - use Multi-Purpose Sore feet, backache, - use Multi -Purpose  and Joints and Muscles

Doctors and Surgeons - hands that scrub,allergy to soap,- use Multi-Purpose  

Neck and shoulder tension, back ache- use Multi-Purpose  and Joints and Muscles


BURNS Unit , -burns, wounds, - use Multi-Purpose 

Patients in hospital- , wounds , circulation, bedsores , use Multi-Purpose  

pressure part care use Baby    or Multi -Purpose  muscle spasm, pain use Joints and Muscles


orthopedics - fractures, bones disorders, muscle spasm,sore shoulders,- use Joints and Muscles

 bed sores, circulation, dry skin after plaster comes off. wound healing - use Multi-Purpose.

neurology – massage ,neck and back pain, Muscle spasm, use Mult-Purpose  and Joints and Muscles

Dermatology or skin problems -Eczema, Psoriasis, allergies, use  Baby    or  Multi-Purpose  or both

Sun damage, dehydrated skin,moisturizing, very dry skin. use  Multi -Purpose  

Oncology - chemotherapy, radiation, RADIATION burns, dry skin, circulation, shoulder tension, sun damage, use Multi-Purpose 

Trauma and surgery - wound healing , Pressure part care, - use Multi-Purpose    .

fractures,post op use Joints and Muscles


Rheumatology - joint pains, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, aged,sore shoulders,- use Joints and Muscles

Disability  or Rehabilitation –bedsores, wounds, circulation, pain- use Multi -Purpose  

pressure part care or prevention of pressure sores - Multi-purpose or     Baby   

Diabetics - , WOUNDS, circulation, prevention of cracked heels and foot problems -use Multi -Purpose

peripheral Neuritis, restless legs, burning feet.leg cramps - use Joints and Muscles

Elderly, and middle Aged - joint pains , Arthritis, Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, aged, joint pains, leg cramps- use Joints and Muscles  dry skin, poor circulation-use Multi -Purpose


Pediatrics - calming, eczema, children on chemo -  Baby   

pediatric arthritis

Menopausal woman - lubricant - use Baby   


Travel and holiday  - air travel- Circulation, walking-sore feet, first aid, Sunburn- use Multi-Purpose   

CAMPERS, HIKERS for, BITES, INJURIES like SPRAINS, SUNBURN, First aid, wounds, Cuts, sores, Mosquito and insect Bites, Stings, itch-use Multi -Purpose


Sport and Athletes

runners, cyclists, soccer players , golfers, gymnasts, tennis, netball, basket ball, sailing, rowing, swimmers, hockey , rugby, cricket,dancers

acute sports injuries, chaffing,- use Multi-Purpose

stiff muscles, ligaments and tendons, knee injury, tennis elbow, sore shoulders, - use Joints and Muscles

Muscle massage - use first  Multi-Purpose and then use Joints and Muscles


Para Olympics - Pain, joints, muscles, circulation, stiffness, leg cramps  - use Joints and Muscles

circulation ,chaffing, bedsores,sore legs and feet,- use Multi-Purpose

Occupations and occupational health

Office and People who work on computers - neck and shoulder pain- use Multi-Purpose  and use Joints and Muscles

Builders or construction workers - dry damaged hands ,sunburn , wounds, burns, Cuts, Contusions, skin repair. sun damage, sunburn.injuries,- use Multi-Purpose

Miners or mine workers - sore feet, injuries, hands ,injuries, sunburn , wounds, burns, Cuts, Contusions, shoulder tension, sun damage- use Multi-Purpose

Health and beauty therapy - Massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, Swedish massage- use Multi-Purpose and use Joints and Muscles

Nail technicians - hand massage , dry hands , dry feet and heels,- use Multi-Purpose

Mechanics or technicians - dry hands, wounds, radiator burns, cuts, contusions, skin repair. sun damage, sunburn.- use Multi-Purpose

Teachers - stress and tension. headaches, calming, sore feet, stiff neck- use Multi-Purpose and Joints and Muscles

Students - sports injuries, stress and tension,headaches, calming, sore feet, stiff neck- use Multi-Purpose and Joints and Muscles